Manually created targeters can store their rule sets in separate .rules files. If so, you must edit each applicable RuleSetService configuration file to specify the virtual file system that stores the .rules files, ConfigFileSystem. This also ensures deployment of the .rules file together with the RuleSetService to the corresponding ConfigFileSystem on the production site.

Note: This step is optional if the rule set is stored in the RuleSetService’s ruleSet property; this is always true for targeters that you create in the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Control Center.

For each targeter that stores its rule set in a separate .rules file, modify the RuleSetService configuration file as follows:


For example:



The property rulesFileSystem specifies the VFS that stores the .rules file, providing the system with a reference to the file via the VFS. This setting ensures the file is exposed properly in the content development environment and is deployed to the correct asset destination, the ConfigFileSystem.