The SQL Repository component has a debugLevel property you can use to adjust the debug log entries. This property is an integer from 0 to 15, with 15 resulting in the greatest frequency of debug log entries.

The default level is 5; this typically is the level desired when contacting Oracle ATG Web Commerce support to diagnose problems. Level 5 is the lowest level at which SQL debugging statements are issued.

If loggingDebug is set to true on the SQL Repository component, the debug level must be equal to or greater than 6 in order to set loggingDebug of the transaction manager also to true, as Transaction Manager debugging is often needed in conjunction with SQL debugging. Even at level 0, some debug statements are issued.

You can also get debugging messages for an individual item descriptor or property. Turn on logging debug in the Dynamo Administration Interface page for the Repository component.

You can also turn on debug messages by including a loggingDebug attribute tag in the repository definition for that item descriptor or property. For example:

<item-descriptor name="user" ...>
    <attribute name="loggingDebug" value="true" />
   ...<property ... />