<!ELEMENT new-items EMPTY>

Parent: <item-descriptor>

The <new-items> tag describes how new items within the item descriptor are created and identified.





Boolean. If false, no new items can be created in this item descriptor; the item descriptor acts like an abstract class.

Default: true


The distinguished name (DN) of the parent. The new item’s DN is constructed by appending the value of parent-dn to the relative distinguished name, specified by the rdn-property.


The name of the repository item property that specifies the relative distinguished name of a new item.

For example, given the following <new-items> tag:

<new-items parent-dn="ou=Marketing,o=quincyfunds.com"

a new item whose login property is nat has a corresponding RDN of uid=nat (because the LDAP repository’s login property maps to the uid attribute in the LDAP directory), and the DN is uid=nat,ou=Marketing,o=quincyfunds.com.

If a child descriptor definition does not contain a <new-items> tag, it simply inherits the parent’s item creation behavior. See New Item Creation in the LDAP Repository Architecture section of this chapter.