When you set up the LDAP repository, you must configure the InitialContextEnvironment (/atg/adapter/ldap/InitialContextEnvironment) component to point to your LDAP server. You probably should also configure a number of other components that control the LDAP repository’s settings, performance, and caching behavior. The LDAP repository includes the following components:

LDAP Repository Component



The repository of LDAP profiles.


A resource pool (JNDIInitialContextPool) used to pool connections to the LDAP server.


Specifies the JNDI environment properties used to create a JNDI InitialDirContext.


An LRU cache that maps repository item IDs to persistent repository items.


A component used by the LDAPItemCache to retrieve persistent repository items from the directory.


An LRU cache that maps repository search queries to the repository item IDs of the query results.


A component used by the LDAPQueryCache to perform repository queries.

These LDAP repository components can be configured with the properties described below.