RLClient is an RMI client you can use to submit manifests that identify the files to load into the repository. Manifests are processed by the RemoteManifestProcess component /atg/dynamo/repository/loader/RemoteManifestProcessorService. You invoke the RLClient with this script:


Note: Before you run the script, set the DYNAMO_HOME variable.

See Repository Loader Manifest for information about the manifest file format.

Command-line arguments

The following table describes the command-line arguments supplied to the RLClient script.

Required arguments


-m manifestFilePath
-mp manifestFilePath

The –m and –mp switches specify the server-side path to the manifest that contains the desired load commands.

Use the –mp switch if the RLClient and host run on different operating systems.

-h hostname

Name of the host where the RemoteManifestProcessor runs.

Optional arguments


-p propertiesFilePath

Path to a properties file that contains additional LoaderManager parameters. See Supplemental RLClient Parameters.

-r RMIPort

RMI port of the host where the RemoteManifestProcessor runs. If omitted, the default port is 8860.

-s servicename

Nucleus address of the RemoteManifestProcessorService component. If omitted, the default value is: