The LDAP repository accesses data in the underlying LDAP directory using JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface). Oracle’s (formerly Sun’s) LDAP directory service provider, which implements the JNDI Service Provider Interface, is plugged in to allow Oracle ATG Web Commerce to use JNDI to access LDAP data. JNDI was designed so all the major JNDI operations are easily mapped onto the corresponding LDAP operations. Thus, JNDI provides a natural way to access LDAP data from Java applications.

Note that all the standard attributes are represented in Java as String or byte[] data types. That is, Oracle’s LDAP service provider for JNDI expects as input and returns as output all attribute values as one of these two types. When using the LDAP provider, you must explicitly configure all the attributes that should be treated as byte[]; the rest are treated as String.