You can configure an SQL repository so it does not automatically update the das_gsa_subscriber table, by setting the SQL Repository component’s autoUpdateSubscribers property to false. In general, you do this in order to protect a live site from updates that are liable to degrade performance.

When updates to das_gsa_subscriber are disabled, Oracle ATG Web Commerce does not add or remove items from the das_gsa_subscriber table. In this case, it only prints warnings when an event server:

You can confirm that cache invalidation events are distributed correctly if you can modify items that use distributed TCP caching on each server and avoid any warnings.

Populating das_gsa_subscriber

A site that prohibits updates to das_gsa_subscriber assumes that the table is fully populated with valid caching data. However, this table can only be populated if updates are initially enabled. In order to populate the das_gsa_subscriber and disable it for subsequent updates, follow these steps: