When you add a repository item with the <add-item> tag, you can use the tag attribute in place of the id attribute. If you use a tag attribute, the SQL repository chooses a unique repository ID for the item using the IdGenerator and associates that tag with that ID. You can then refer to that particular tag name within that .XML file with a tag attribute. Alternatively, refer to the tag with this special syntax:


The $tag:<name>$ syntax can be used only in:

The template parser substitutes the ID of the item you created with that tag.

For example, you might want to add an item, one of whose properties is another repository item—for example, a book item, where the book item has an author property which is itself a repository item. If you do not want to supply the repository ID for the author repository item, you can use a tag attribute placeholder like this:

<add-item item-descriptor="author" tag="AUTHORID_TAG">
    <set-property name="authorName" value="Arthur Ransome"/>

<add-item item-descriptor="book">
    <set-property name="title" value="Swallows & Amazons"/>
    <set-property name="author" value="$tag:AUTHORID_TAG$"/>