<!ELEMENT creation-group-acl-template (#PCDATA)>

Parent: <item-descriptor>, <property>

The creation-group-acl-template tag specifies an ACL template that is used to generate an ACL fragment that applies to each group that the owner is a member of in a newly created repository item. This is a standard format ACL string with a dollar sign ($) used to indicate the group identity. No other identities may be used in the template.

Because a user may be a member of a large number of groups, you should use this feature sparingly. It can result in ACL strings that are too long to be stored in your repository’s ACL property. For example, the ACC admin user may have enough groups to create an ACL that is too large for the example repository. For a description of what constitutes membership in a group, see Group Membership.


The following example gives read and list access rights to every member of every group of which the item’s owner is a member:

<creation-group-acl-template value="$:read,list;"/>