By defining a property as an enumerated String instead of an enumerated data type, the following options are available to you:

You provide the property with the values by adding the following attribute:

<attribute name="stringEnumProvider" value="string-enum-provider-value"/>

where string-enum-provider-value is an implementation of atg.adapter.gsa.StringEnumProvider. The Oracle ATG Web Commerce installation provides two implementations for this interface, which are referenced by two properties in the site repository:

For example, the site repository’s item descriptor siteConfiguration defines its siteTypes property as a collection of enumerated String values as follows:

<item-descriptor name="siteConfiguration" ... >
 <property name="siteTypes"
   component-data-type="enumerated string"
   <attribute name="stringEnumProvider" value="/atg/multisite/SiteTypesProvider"/>
   <attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="100"/>