The XML document type definition for the SQL repository includes operation tags whose primary purpose is to help you develop, test, and debug your SQL repository template. You can use these tags to modify your repository’s database to perform the following tasks:

These tags are used by the startSQLRepository script, which is described in this chapter.

To use these developmental tags:

  1. Go to the repository’s page in the Administration Interface. For example, for the SQL Profile Repository, go to:


  2. In the Run XML Operation Tags on the Repository text area, enter the developmental tags and click Enter.

You can also run the startSQLRepository script from a command line. Create an XML repository definition file and pass it to the startSQLRepository script with appropriate arguments. See the startSQLRepository section in this chapter for more information.

Note: If you add or remove an item descriptor in your repository definition file, you must close and reassemble, redeploy, and restart your application, which restarts the ACC and DAF. Otherwise, errors may result. For example, if you remove an item descriptor, the item descriptor still appears as an option in the ACC query editor (List items of type... ) and might cause errors if selected. For instructions on assembling applications, see the ATG Platform Programming Guide.