You can use startSQLRepository to export data from a database to an XML file, which you can later import to another database.

You can export all repositories, or individual repositories from the specified modules. In both cases, first make sure the source database is running.

Exporting all repositories

To export the data from all SQL repositories registered in the /atg/registry/ContentRepositories component, use the following syntax:

bin/startSQLRepository -m module -exportRepositories all output-file

The location of the resulting file is relative to the <ATG10dir>/home directory.

Exporting individual repositories

To export the data from individual SQL repositories, use the following syntax:

bin/startSQLRepository -m module -export all output-file
   -repository repository-path

For example, the following command exports the Product Catalog from a Pioneer Cycling store database to products.xml:

bin/startSQLRepository -m PioneerCycling -export all products.xml
  -repository /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog

Note: when binary data in repository items is exported, it is represented in base64 encoding.