The FileSystemMonitorService class implements two interfaces:

A component of the FileSystemMonitorService class is configured to scan a specified file directory and identify the files to upload. A FileSystemMonitorService can be invoked by the FileSystemMonitorScheduler or the Repository Loader Administration.

You can configure a FileSystemMonitorService so it uploads only files that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Reside in a specified folder and, optionally, its subfolders

  • Modified since the time the file system was last scanned

  • Named with specific file extensions

After the FileSystemMonitorService identifies the files to upload, it supplies these files to a LoaderManager component as an array of files, or in the form of a manifest file if the component’s createManifestMode property is set to true.

When you start the Repository Loader module, the path to the FileSystemMonitorService component is /atg/dynamo/service/loader/FileSystemMonitorService.

FileSystemMonitorService properties

A FileSystemMonitorService component has the following configurable properties:




A Boolean property, set to true to indicate that a large file system is being processed. The FileSystemMonitorService passes files to the LoaderManager in the form of a manifest file, rather than as an array of files. You can supply the name of the manifest file by setting the manifestFile property.

Default: true


A Boolean property, set to true in if createManifestMode property is set to true and file system names contain special characters such as ampersand (&) that must be escaped in the generated manifest’s XML.

Default: false


A String array of file extension strings to use as filter criteria when gathering updates. Only files whose file extensions match one of the strings in this property are scanned. For example:



A Boolean property, specifies whether to include the content folders in the scan results. Set to true in order for folders to be created as folder repository items in a content repository.

Default: false


A timestamp property, specifies the last time the FileSystemMonitorService executed.

Default: 0 (load all files)


The Nucleus address of the LoaderManager component.


The manifest file name to use if createManifestMode is set to true.

Default: RLxxxx.xml

xxxx is a unique name assigned to the file using the method File.createTempFile.


The root path to monitor. All files to scan must be in or under this path.


The Nucleus address of the TypeMapper component. This setting has precedence over the LoaderManager configuration’s defaultTypeMapper setting. If a manifest file specifies its own TypeMappings, those have precedence.