<!ELEMENT child-property EMPTY>

Parent: <item-descriptor>

If an item descriptor has a parent item-descriptor, use <child-property> tags to override inherited property values. The only aspect of the parent property definition that can be overridden is the property’s default value. For example, given a parent item descriptor with the following property:

<item-descriptor name="user">
  <property name="department" default="Other"/>

You can create a child property that overrides the default value of the department property:

<item-descriptor name="engineer" parent="user">

  <!-- object classes (added to parent classes) -->

  <!-- properties (added to parent properties) -->
  <!-- child property (overrides parent properties) -->
  <child-property name="department" default="Engineering"/>


See Item Descriptor Hierarchies and Inheritance in the LDAP Repository Architecture section of this chapter.





Required, the attribute name, which is the same as the name of an attribute of the parent item descriptor.


Required, the default value for the attribute in the child item descriptor, overrides the default value of the corresponding attribute in the parent item descriptor.