<!ELEMENT search-root EMPTY>

Parent: <view>

A Repository View’s contents can be restricted to a location or set of locations within the directory tree. For example, you might want to specify that the engineer view contains only entries in the ou=Engineering,o=quincyfunds.com branch of the directory tree. Even if other items that satisfy the engineer item descriptor are encountered somewhere in the LDAP directory (perhaps for testing purposes), they are not considered to be part of the engineer view. The tree branches that comprise a Repository View are called search roots, as they determine which parts of the directory tree are searched when a repository query is constructed on the view. The <search-root> tag is a child tag of the <view> tag that limits the Repository View to the specified roots of the LDAP directory tree.

When a query is performed on the view, only those items that reside in one of the specified search roots and satisfy the view’s item descriptor are returned. At least one search root must always be specified, but it may well point to the directory suffix (i.e., the search root may span the entire directory tree). See the Repository Views in the LDAP Repository section of this chapter.





Required, the distinguished name (DN) of directory branches that can be part of the Repository View


Boolean, specifies whether the directory tree branch specified by the dn attribute should be searched recursively. Set to false if you want to include only the root’s immediate children, or if you know for sure that lower levels of the branch do not contain any relevant entries. This might be used for optimization purposes.

Default: true


Boolean. If set to true, when a repository query is constructed, it is automatically augmented with the object class constraints, so items that do not satisfy the item descriptor are not returned by the search.

If set to false for the search root, the query is left as is, and no object class checking is performed. This optimization should only be turned on if you are absolutely sure that the search root contains only entries that satisfy the item descriptor.

Default: true