This section demonstrates the design and configuration of a simple repository. For another example, see the Repository Loader Example in the Repository Loader chapter. In this example, the repository supports a Web site that talks about books. Each book has an author, a title, a cover illustration, and a descriptive text.

The book as a business entity has a corresponding repository item type in this example. Its attributes are maintained as properties of the book item type. The book item type is defined in the example repository definition file with this item descriptor element:

<item-descriptor name="book"

  <table name="book_info" id-column-name="id" type="primary">
          <property name="filePath" data-type="big string"/>
          <property name="parentFolder" item-type="book_folder"/>
          <property name="title" data-type="big string"/>
          <property name="author" data-type="big string"/>

  <property name="bookcover_image"