This component is a JNDIInitialContextPool used to pool connections to the LDAP server. This component’s class extends atg.service.resourcepool.ResourcePool. See the Core Dynamo Services chapter of the ATG Platform Programming Guide and the Javadoc for the ResourcePool class in the ATG Platform API Reference for more information about the many properties available for configuring a connection pool. Getting connections from a resource pool yields better performance than creating a new connection for each request that needs to access the LDAP server. The following properties are particular to the JNDIInitialContextPool:




class name

Default: atg.service.resourcepool.JNDIInitialContextPool



The Nucleus address of the JNDI environment component to use when creating initial context objects

Default: InitialContextEnvironment



Should InitialDirContext objects be created rather than InitialContext objects?

Default: true



Should the resource pool InitialContext (or InitialDirContext) objects be wrapped in MonitoredContext (or MonitoredDirContext) objects? If monitored contexts are being created, any JNDI service provider errors which occur as a result of operations performed on the contexts are reported, and the associated resource pool objects are invalidated.

Default: True