The Repository Loader is implemented by the following components:

  • FileSystemMonitorScheduler sets up a schedule to start the FileSystemMonitorService, and whether to scan recursively.

  • FileSystemMonitorService specifies which files to scan for upload to the repository.

  • LoaderManager accepts repository loader jobs. It maintains a queue of pending jobs, and uploads the job for type mapping processing

  • TypeMapper and TypeMappings map file types to specific content handlers.

  • ContentHandlers transform the file into a repository item and invoke a back end system to perform add, update, and remove operations on the repository.

Repository Loader interfaces

Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides two interfaces to invoke and manage the Repository Loader:

  • Repository Loader Administration is a Web-based interface that lets you start and manage repository load jobs. With this interface, you interactively identify the directories whose contents you wish to load into the repository.

  • RLClient is a command line RMI utility; it requires a manifest file that identifies the files to load into the repository.

A fully-configured Repository Loader setup can be represented as follows: