To localize these values, first you must associate a resource bundle using an <attribute name="resourceBundle"... /> tag like:

<attribute name="resourceBundle" value="resourceBundleName"/>

You can use the <attribute> tag to set the resource bundle at the property, table, or item descriptor level. A property uses its own resourceBundle attribute if it is set. If not, it looks for a resourceBundle attribute set in its <table> tag, then for a resourceBundle attribute set in its <item-descriptor> tag. For example:

<item-descriptor name="user" ....>
  <attribute name="resourceBundle" value="atg.userprofiling.ProfileResources"/>

If you use xml-combine="append" to add properties to an item descriptor defined in a different configuration layer, do not set the resourceBundle attribute in the item descriptor, as it overwrites the setting of resourceBundle in the other configuration level. Set the resourceBundle at the table or property level instead.