If you add items that are themselves properties of other repository items, make sure the item is added before the item that refers to it. This is necessary because a new repository item cannot make forward references to another repository item that is not yet defined.

For example, suppose you have a user item type with a dependents property that refers to a separate dependent item type. Add the dependent items before you add a user item that refers to those dependent items, as in this example:

<add-item item-descriptor="dependent" id="1234">
    <set-property name="firstName" value="JoeBob"/>
<add-item item-descriptor="dependent" id="1235">
    <set-property name="firstName" value="Mikey"/>
<add-item item-descriptor="user" id="1">
    <set-property name="login" value="toml"/>
    <set-property name="firstName" value="Tom"/>
    <set-property name="dependents" value="1234,1235"/>