<!ELEMENT export-items EMPTY>

Parent: <gsa-template>, <transaction>

The <export-items> tag is a procedural tag for exporting the data required to recreate one or more item descriptors. The data is exported as XML to standard output. Using this tag is similar to running the startSQLRepository script with the -export argument. See the startSQLRepository section in the Developing and Testing an SQL Repository chapter.



Specifies a comma-separated list of one or more item descriptor names. For example:

<export-items item-descriptors="authors,books"/>

If none are specified, all item descriptors are exported.


By default, when you use <export-items> tag, all referenced item descriptors are automatically added to the list of item descriptors to be exported. If you use the skip-references="true" attribute, referenced item descriptors are added only if you affirmatively include them.