<!ELEMENT object-classes-property EMPTY>

Parent: <item-descriptor>

The <object-classes-property> tag exposes the object classes of an LDAP entry as a property of a RepositoryItem. This tag is always empty. For example:

<object-classes-property name="objectClasses" ldap-name="objectclass"/>

Like the <id-property> tag, the <object-classes-property> tag is required in a definition of a base item descriptor (an item descriptor that does not have a parent) but is not allowed in a child item descriptor that inherits from a parent. The property’s type is String[], a multi-valued String. For example, if an item descriptor definition has the <object-classes-property> tag in the preceding example and has the following object classes definition:


its repository items have the following objectClasses property:






Required, the name of the repository item property that stores the item’s LDAP object class values.


The property’s name in the LDAP directory.

Default: value of name


The text identifying the object classes property in the ATG Control Center.

Default: value of name


Specifies a property of this item descriptor that is used to represent items of this type in a user interface. For example, a profile item descriptor might set display-property to login. Then, each repository item is represented using the value of the item’s login property.


The description of the object classes property displayed in the ATG Control Center.

Default: value of name