You can control the prefix that Oracle ATG Web Commerce gives to each cache that it stores in Oracle Coherence. The prefix of cache names affects the way that Oracle Coherence handles stored data. See information about the way cache name prefixes affect Oracle Coherence functionality in the documentation for that product (

Cache names are composed of the prefix, the SQL repository name, and the repository item descriptor name. The strings are joined by the underscore/underbar character. For example, the cache name for the catalog item descriptor in the ProductCatalog repository might be:


Control the cache name prefix by setting properties of the /atg/adapter/gsa/externalcache/GSACoherenceManager component of your Oracle ATG Web Commerce application.




The string that will be prepended to the repository name and repository item descriptor name to form a cache name. This value may be overridden for specific repositories or repository item descriptor names by the cacheNamePrefixMap property.

The default value for this property is near-cache.


A comma separated list of repository item descriptors and the cache name prefixes that will be prepended to them to form a cache name.

Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard character in place of an entire repository or repository item descriptor name. Wildcard characters will not select a partial name.

For example:


Note: Repository or item descriptor names that include the underscore/underbar character will break the syntax of this property. If you need to override the cache name prefix for one of these names, change the prefix map separator character to something else. The prefixMapSeparator property controls which character that is.


The character that separates repository names and repository item descriptor names in the cacheNamePrefixMap property.

This property controls the way that Oracle ATG Web Commerce interprets cacheNamePrefixMap values. It does not affect the separator character used between the elements of actual cache names.

The default value for this property is the underscore/underbar character.