1. Design the composite repository. Pick what item types you want to represent in your composite repository’s composite item descriptors

  2. Specify the primary item descriptor. This is where the composite repository item’s repository item IDs come from

  3. Specify any contributing item descriptors you need to supplement the primary item descriptor.

  4. Resolve any property name collisions between properties in the primary item descriptor and the contributing item descriptors. See Property Mappings.

  5. Determine whether you want to use static or dynamic linking for properties whose types are repository items. See Link Methods.

  6. Determine what item creation policy you want the composite repository to implement. See Creating Composite and Contributing Items.

  7. Determine whether there are any properties in your primary or contributing item descriptors that you want to exclude from the composite item descriptor. See Excluding Properties.

  8. Create and configure a CompositeRepository component. See Configuring the Composite Repository Component.