Logical operators and the MATCH and MATCHES operators (described in the later section Full Text Search Queries) should only be applied to scalar properties. Another set of queries can be applied to arrays or collections of scalar values—for example, properties of type int[], or Set of Strings. You can query multi-valued properties with the following operators:



  • INCLUDES ALL (not valid for GSARepository queries)

The INCLUDES query matches items where the specified property includes the specified value. For example:

interests INCLUDES "biking"

The INCLUDES query can also match one of a set of items by including the ANY or ALL keyword, followed by a comma-separated set of items that are enclosed in braces. For example:

interests INCLUDES ANY { "biking", "swimming" }

This is equivalent to:

(interests INCLUDES "biking") OR (interests INCLUDES "swimming")

While this:

interests INCLUDES ALL { "biking", "swimming" }

is equivalent to:

(interests INCLUDES "biking") AND (interests INCLUDES "swimming")