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1 Overview to Fixed Assets

Part I Asset Identification

2 Overview to Asset Identification

3 Create an Asset Master Record

4 Verify Depreciation Information

5 Enter Additional Asset Information

6 Search for Asset Information

7 Locate Parent and Component Information

8 Track Asset Locations

Part II Process G/L to Fixed Assets

9 Overview to Process G/L to Fixed Assets

10 Work with G/L Journal Entries

11 Post G/L Journal Entries to Fixed Assets

12 Make Corrections to Fixed Asset Balances

13 Review Asset Costs

14 Capitalization of Fixed Assets

Part III Standard Depreciation

15 Overview to Standard Depreciation

16 Understand Standard Depreciation Methods

17 Enter Units of Production

18 Calculate Standard Depreciation

19 Post Depreciation to the G/L

20 Work with Depreciation Expense Allocations (Release A9.3 Update)

Part IV User Defined Depreciation

21 Overview to User Defined Depreciation

22 Understand User Defined Depreciation Methods

23 Calculate User Defined Depreciation

24 Set Up User Defined Depreciation

Part V Fixed Asset Journal Entries

25 Overview to Fixed Asset Journal Entries

26 Split Fixed Assets

27 Transfer Fixed Assets

28 Dispose of Fixed Assets

Part VI Revaluation

29 Overview to Revaluation

30 Understand Revaluation

31 Calculate Revaluation

Part VII Warranty (Release A9.3 Update)

32 Overview to Warranties (Release A9.3 Update)

33 Set Up Warranties (Release A9.3 Update)

34 Work with Warranties (Release A9.3 Update)

35 Work with Incidents (Release A9.3 Update)

36 Work with Warranty Additional Information (Release A9.3 Update)

Part VIII Year-End Processes

37 Overview to Year-End Processes

38 Close Annual Account Balances

39 Close Units of Production

Part IX Fixed Assets Reports

40 Overview to Fixed Asset Reports

41 Print Asset Information Reports

42 Generate STAR Reports

43 Print Depreciation Reports

44 Print Depreciation Projection Reports

45 Run Integrity Reports

46 Print Quarterly and Year-to-Date Reports

Part X System Setup

47 Overview to System Setup

48 Set Up Fixed Asset Constants

49 Set Up User Defined Codes

50 Set Up Automatic Accounting Instructions

51 Set Up Next Numbers

52 Set Up Asset Acquisition Years

53 Set Up Depreciation Account Rules

54 Set Up Ledger Depreciation Rules

55 Set Up Ledger Type Rules

56 Set Up Disposal Account Rules

57 Set Up Revaluation Indices

58 Set Up Units of Production Schedules

59 Map Category Codes

60 Set Up Supplemental Data

61 Set Up Short Years

62 Set Up Beginning Balances

Part XI Fixed Asset Global Updates

63 Overview to Fixed Asset Global Updates

64 Update Asset Information

65 Update Accounts and Ledgers

66 Purge and Archive Asset Data

Part XII Processing Options

67 Asset Identification Processing Options

68 Process G/L to Fixed Assets Processing Options

69 Standard Depreciation Processing Options

70 User Defined Depreciation Processing Options

71 Depreciation Expense Allocation Processing Options (Release A9.3 Update)

72 Fixed Asset Journal Entries Processing Options

73 Revaluation Processing Options

74 Warranty Processing Options (Release A9.3 Update)

75 Year-End Processes Processing Options

76 Fixed Asset Reports Processing Options

77 System Set Up Processing Options

78 Fixed Asset Global Updates Processing Options

79 Z File Processing Options (Release A9.3 Update)

A Formula Elements

B Functional Servers

C Import Mass Data into Fixed Assets (Release A9.3 Update)