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man pages section 7: Standards, Environments, Macros, Character Sets, and Miscellany

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022



brands - alternate operating environments for non-global zones


The branded zone (BrandZ) framework extends the Solaris Zones infrastructure described in zones(7) to include the creation of brands, which provide non-global zones that contain different operating system versions or differ in other characteristics.

The term “brand” can refer to a wide range of operating environments. All brand management is performed as extensions to the current zones structure.

Every zone is configured with an associated brand. The brand type is used to determine behavior when a zone is installed and booted. In addition, a zone's brand is used to properly identify the correct application type at application launch time. The default brand is solaris.

Once a zone has been assigned a brand, that brand cannot be changed or removed.

BrandZ extends the zones tools in the following ways:

  • A brand is an attribute of a zone, set at zone create time.

  • The zonecfg tool (see zonecfg(8)) is used to set a zone's brand type and configure the zone.

  • The zoneadm tool (see zoneadm(8)) is used to report a zone's brand type and administer the zone.


For Oracle Solaris 11.4, the available brands are:


Implements whole root non-global zones, running the same version of Oracle Solaris as the global zone. See solaris(7).


Implements zones with a kernel that is independent from the global zone. See solaris-kz(7).


Implements Oracle Solaris 10 zones via a compatibility layer on top of the global zone kernel. See solaris10(7).


Implements Trusted Extensions. See txzonemgr(8).

Device Support

The devices supported by each zone are documented in the man pages and other documentation for that brand. The zones infrastructure detects any attempt to add an unsupported device and issues a warning to the administrator. If the administrator chooses to add an unsupported device despite that warning, that device might or might not work as expected. The configuration will be untested and unsupported.


See attributes(7) for a description of the following attributes:

Interface Stability

See Also

attributes(7), crgetzoneid(9F), dtrace(8), getzoneid(3C), kill(2), mdb(1), priocntl(2), privileges(7), proc(5), solaris(7), solaris-kz(7), solaris10(7), sshd(8), txzonemgr(8), ucred_get(3C), zlogin(1), zoneadm(8), zonecfg(8), zonename(1), zones(7)