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man pages section 7: Standards, Environments, Macros, Character Sets, and Miscellany

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

webui-preferences (7)


webui-preferences - 5


The Web UI Preferences files are delivered as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formatted files. The format of these files is outlined in the webui-preferences-json(5) manual page.

The Web UI, each installed Web UI Application and possibly other delivered packages may install JSON files that are merged on load to constitute the "System" preferences for the Web UI. These files are considered immutable by the packaging system, and any direct modification may be overwritten on upgrade.

Any time that a user of the Web UI modifies the application behavior, or adds new items that are stored persistently, then these are stored as "User" preferences, which are stored in the /var/user/<username>/webui/preferences directory.

with the name "solaris.json", and are owned and read-able only by that user (or administrators). These files should not be modified directly.

Defaults for documented preferences can be customized by creating files in the site directory; /usr/lib/webui/site/preferences/.

There is no specific order for loading any files located in this directory, but it is guaranteed that these files are loaded after processing any of the delivered preferences files.

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