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What's New in This Guide

Part I Administering WebCenter Sites

1 Overview

2 Administrator's Interface

3 Site Configuration Guidelines

4 Working with ACLs and Roles

5 Configuring Users, Profiles, and Attributes

6 Setting Up External Security

7 Implementing Security Using Cryptography and Encryption Key Storage

8 Assembling Content Management Sites

9 Managing Access to Content Management Site Components

10 Creating and Managing Workflow Processes

11 Replicating Content Management Sites

12 Publishing with Oracle WebCenter Sites

13 The Approval System

14 Various Topics in Export to Disk Publishing and the Approval Process

15 The Export to Disk Publishing Process

16 The Mirror to Server Publishing Process

17 The Export Assets to XML Publishing Process

18 Additional Publishing Procedures

19 RealTime Publishing Overview

20 Configuring the RealTime Publishing Process

21 Working with RealTime Publishing Modes

22 On Demand Publishing and Asset Unapproval

23 Configuring the User Interfaces

24 Configuring Vanity URLs

25 Configuring the Lucene Search Engine

26 Revision Tracking

27 inCache Framework

28 inCache for Page Caching

29 inCache for Asset Caching

30 System Tools

31 System Defaults

32 System Data: WebCenter Sites Database

33 Managing Users, Sites, and Roles in LDAP-Integrated Sites Systems

Part II Administering the Web Experience Management Framework

34 Web Experience Management Framework

35 Getting Started

36 Creating and Authorizing Users

37 Configuring REST Security

38 Working with Sites

39 WEM Admin Interface Quick Reference

Part III Administering Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets

40 Enabling the Community and Gadgets Interfaces

41 Working with the Cache Tool

Part IV Administering the Oracle WebCenter Sites: Gadgets Application

42 Overview of the WebCenter Sites: Gadgets Application

43 Getting Started with the Gadgets Application

44 Registering Gadgets

45 Managing Gadgets

Part V Administering the Community Blog Module

46 Enabling Blog Components

Part VI Implementing Oracle WebCenter Sites: Site Capture

47 Overview of the Site Capture Application

48 Managing Downloaded Sites

49 Site Capture File System

Part VII Oracle WebCenter Content Integration

50 About WebCenter Content Integration

51 Enabling the WebCenter Content Integration Feature

52 Setting Up Content Synchronization

53 Resynchronization Options

54 WCC Connector Configuration Files

Part VIII Implementing Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform for File Systems and Microsoft SharePoint

55 Integrating with Oracle WebCenter Sites

56 Publishing

57 Configuring Event Notification

58 Remapping

59 Adding Assets to a Flex Family

60 File Systems: Default Mapping Specifications

61 Microsoft SharePoint Systems: Default Mapping Specifications

Part IX Implementing Oracle WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform for EMC Documentum

62 Publishing to Oracle WebCenter Sites

63 Archiving to EMC Documentum

64 Configuring Event Notification

65 Default Mapping Specifications for Publishing