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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual

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Updated: September 2018

ZS3-2 Front and Rear Panel Components

ZS3-2 Front Panel Components - The ZS3-2 controller drive slots and front panel components are shown in the following figure.

Figure 35  ZS3-2 Controller Front Panel

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller front panel

Drive slots 0 and 1 have two mirrored boot drives. Up to four read-optimized cache solid state drives (SSDs) fill slots 2 through 5, in order. Slots 6 and 7 are empty and must contain drive fillers.

Figure Legend
1 Locator LED/button (white)
5 Service Processor OK LED (green)
2 Service Action Required LED (amber)
6 Fan/CPU/Memory Service Required LED
3 Power OK LED (green)
7 USB 2.0 ports
4 Power button

Note -  The LEDs below the Fan/CPU/Memory Service Required LED are not currently used.

ZS3-2 Rear Panel Components - The ZS3-2 controller PCIe slots and rear panel components are shown in the following figure.

Figure 36  ZS3-2 Controller Rear Panel

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller rear panel

Figure Legend
1 8-port SAS-2 internal HBA (slot 1)
7 AC power supplies PS1 (top), PS0 (bottom)
13 Alarm port, DB-15 connector (not used for the ZS3-2)
2 4x4 SAS HBA (slot 2)
8 System status LEDs
14-16 Cluster I/O ports
3 PCIe slot 3
9 USB 2.0 ports
17 10-Gbit Ethernet ports
4 PCIe slot 4
10 SP 15-pin VGA video port
18 Chassis ground post
5 PCIe slot 5
11 Serial management port
6 PCIe slot 6
12 Network management (NET MGT) 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet port

Note -  The three Cluster I/O ports (0, 1, and GigE) are reserved for cluster interconnection only.

Cluster Interface Compatibility - The ZS3-2 controller contains embedded support for Version 2 clustering ports. It does not have a cluster interface card nor can one be installed in a PCIe slot.

Ethernet Ports

The ZS3-2 has four RJ-45 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network connectors, labeled NET 3, NET 2, NET 1, and NET 0 (left to right) on the rear panel. The ports operate at 100 Mbits/sec, 1000 Mbits/sec, or 10-Gbits/sec. Use these ports to connect the appliance to the network.

Table 27  ZS3-2 Ethernet Port LEDs Description
Connection Type
EEE Terminology
Speed LED Color
Transfer Rate
Fast Ethernet
100 Mbits/sec
Gigabit Ethernet
1000 Mbits/sec
10 Gigabit Ethernet
10000 Mbits/sec

The LEDs located above each NET port are Link/Activity (left) and Speed (right) indicators for each port.

Figure 37  ZS3-2 Controller Ethernet Ports

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller Ethernet ports

Network Management Port

The network management connector (NET MGT) is an RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet port and provides an alternate terminal interface to the SP console.

Figure 38  ZS3-2 Controller Network Management Port

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller network management port

Serial Management Port

The serial management connector (SER MGT) is an RJ-45 port and provides a terminal connection to the service processor (SP) console.

Figure 39  ZS3-2 Controller Serial Management Port

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller serial management port

Cluster I/O Ports

Two cluster serial ports (0 and 1) and one Ethernet port provide communication between two controllers to form a cluster configuration. For information about how to connect cables to form a cluster, see ZS3-2 Controller Cluster I/O Ports in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Cabling Guide.


Caution  -  When disconnecting an RJ-45 cable from a cluster serial port (0 and 1), use extreme care not to damage the internal RJ-45 receptacle. To properly remove an RJ-45 cable from a cluster serial port, do the following:

Figure 40  ZS3-2 Controller Cluster I/O Ports: Serial 0, Serial 1, Ethernet

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller cluster I/O ports: Serial 0, Serial 1,               Ethernet


The 4x4 SAS HBA, installed in PCIe slot 2 of the ZS3-2, provides connectivity to external disk shelves. The HBA logical ports are numbered 0-3, as shown in the following figures.

Figure 41  ZS3-2 Controller 4x4 SAS HBA Port Numbers

image:graphic showing ZS3-2 controller 4x4 SAS HBA port numbers

For controllers with an additional 4x4 SAS HBA, see ZS3-2 PCIe I/O Cards for slot placement.