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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Customer Service Manual

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Updated: September 2018

Generating and Uploading a Support Bundle (CLI)

Use the following procedure to generate and upload a support bundle.

  1. Go to maintenance system bundles.
    hostname:> maintenance system bundles
  2. Enter bundle and the SR number.
    hostname:maintenance system bundles> bundle 3-9999999999
    A support bundle is being created and sent to Oracle. You will receive an alert
    when the bundle has finished uploading. Please save the following filename, as
    Oracle support personnel will need it in order to access the bundle:

    Note -  If the SR number is not currently available, the system can build a local bundle for later upload. See next step.
  3. To build a local bundle, enter the bundle command:
    hostname:maintenance system bundles> bundle
    The support data you requested is being built in 2 files. Use 'send <srn>' with
    each bundle to associate the bundle with a Service Request Number and send it
    to Oracle Support. Alternatively, you may download the bundles via the
    appliance BUI.

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