Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Fabric Boot Device Considerations

Fabric boot devices can be accessed through the Oracle Solaris installation methods just as internal boot devices have been accessed in the previous Solaris OS releases. Refer to the Oracle Solaris installation guide for details. Consider the following points while enabling a fabric boot device:

  • Minimize interference to boot devices through the following actions:

    • Ensuring the boot device is not an overly subscribed target or LUN

    • Avoiding installation of applications and software on a target or LUN

    • Reducing physical distance between the host and fabric device, as well as the number of hops

  • Remove the boot disk from volume manager control prior to beginning the fabric boot procedure.

  • Ensure that the latest HBA fcode and drivers are loaded for the HBAs on the system.

  • If multipathing is desired on the boot device, use the stmsboot command as described in Chapter 2, Configuring Solaris I/O Multipathing Features.