Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

Recommended iSCSI Configuration Practices

Review the following iSCSI recommendations before configuring iSCSI devices in your network.

  • Devices

    • Consider using multipathed device paths for increased availability.

    • Multiple connections per session (MCS) support allow multiple TCP/IP connections from the initiator to the target for the same iSCSI session.

  • Network

    • Deploy iSCSI devices in a fast (gigE or better), dedicated network.

    • Use jumbo frames, if possible to allow more data to be transferred in each Ethernet transaction to reduce the number of frames.

    • Use CAT6 rated cables for Gigabit network infrastructures.

    • Segregate iSCSI storage networks from your local area network traffic.

    • Configure multiple sessions or connections to utilize multiple threads in TCP/IP stack.

    • Consider TCP tuning, such as disabling Nagle algorithm.

  • Security

    • In addition to physical security, use CHAP authentication, which ensures that each host has its own password.

    • Consider using iSNS target discovery domains, which enhance security by providing access control to targets that are not enabled with their own access controls, while limiting the logon process of each initiator to a relevant subset of the available targets in the network.