Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014


iSCSI initiator and target parameters (how to)index iconHow to Modify iSCSI Initiator and Target Parameters
modinfoindex iconHow to Ensure LUN Level Information is Visible
your iSCSI configuration (how to)index iconMonitoring Your iSCSI Configuration
mpathadm commandsindex iconAdministering Solaris I/O Multipathing
automatic failback, configuringindex iconConfiguring Automatic Failback for Multipathing Support
configure automatic failbackindex iconConfiguring Automatic Failback for Multipathing Support
disable a pathindex iconHow to Disable a LU Path
enable a pathindex iconHow to Enable a LU Path
initiator ports
propertiesindex iconHow to Display Properties of a Specific Initiator Port
logical unit with a particular nameindex iconHow to Display a LU With a Specific Name
logical units
associated with target portindex iconHow to Display All LUs Associated With a Specific Target Port
fail overindex iconHow to Fail Over a LU
properties and associated pathindex iconHow to Display Specific LU Information
mpt driverindex iconDynamic Discovery of SAS Devices
Multipath Management API plug-in
libraryindex iconDisplaying Multipathing Support Information
propertiesindex iconDisplaying Multipathing Support Information
boot considerationsindex iconFabric Boot Device Considerations
configuring automatic failbackindex iconConfiguring Automatic Failback
configuring device nodesindex iconConfiguring Device Nodes With Solaris Multipathing Enabled
configuring third-party storage devicesindex iconThird-Party Device Configuration Considerations
disabled, device node configurationindex iconConfiguring Device Nodes Without Multipathing Enabled
disabled, multiple device configurationindex iconHow to Configure Multiple FC Devices Without Multipathing
enabling and disablingindex iconEnabling and Disabling Multipathing
enabling and disabling on a per-port basisindex iconEnabling or Disabling Multipathing on a Per-Port Basis
fabric device node configurationindex iconConfiguring Fabric Device Nodes
featuresindex iconSolaris I/O Multipathing Features
manual configurationindex iconManually Configuring FC Devices
mpathadm commandindex iconAdministering Solaris I/O Multipathing
SAS boot device configurationindex iconConfiguring SAS Boot Devices
SAS considerationsindex iconSAS Multipathing Considerations
supportindex iconAdministering Solaris I/O Multipathing
troubleshootingindex iconTroubleshooting Multipathing-Related Problems
multipathing, enabling and disablingindex iconEnabling and Disabling Multipathing