Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

How to Display iSCSI Configuration Information

  1. Become an administrator.
  2. Display information about the iSCSI initiator.

    For example:

    # iscsiadm list initiator-node
    Initiator node name:
    Initiator node alias: zzr1200
            Login Parameters (Default/Configured):
                    Header Digest: NONE/-
                    Data Digest: NONE/-
            Authentication Type: NONE
            RADIUS Server: NONE
            RADIUS access: unknown
            Configured Sessions: 1
  3. Display information about which discovery methods are in use.

    For example:

    # iscsiadm list discovery
    	Static: enabled
    	Send Targets: enabled
    	iSNS: enabled
Example 4-1  Displaying iSCSI Target Information

The following example shows how to display the parameter values for a specific iSCSI target:

# iscsiadm list target-param

The iscsiadm list target-param -v command displays the following information:

  • The authentication values for the target

  • The default values for the target login parameters

  • The configured value for each login parameter

The iscsiadm list target-param -v command displays the default parameter value before the / designator and the configured parameter value after the / designator. If you have not configured a parameter, its value displays as a hyphen (-). For more information, see the following examples.

# iscsiadm list target-param -v eui.50060e8004275511 Target: eui.50060e8004275511
        Alias: -
        Bi-directional Authentication: disabled
        Authentication Type: NONE
        Login Parameters (Default/Configured):
                Data Sequence In Order: yes/-
                Data PDU In Order: yes/-
                Default Time To Retain: 20/-
                Default Time To Wait: 2/-
                Error Recovery Level: 0/-
                First Burst Length: 65536/-
                Immediate Data: yes/-
                Initial Ready To Transfer (R2T): yes/-
                Max Burst Length: 262144/-
                Max Outstanding R2T: 1/-
                Max Receive Data Segment Length: 65536/-
                Max Connections: 1/-
                Header Digest: NONE/-
                Data Digest: NONE/-
        Configured Sessions: 1

The following example output displays the parameters that were negotiated between the target and the initiator:

# iscsiadm list target -v eui.50060e8004275511
Target: eui.50060e8004275511
        TPGT: 1
        ISID: 4000002a0000
        Connections: 1
                CID: 0
                  IP address (Local):
                  IP address (Peer):
                  Discovery Method: Static
                  Login Parameters (Negotiated):
                        Data Sequence In Order: yes
                        Data PDU In Order: yes
                        Default Time To Retain: 0
                        Default Time To Wait: 3
                        Error Recovery Level: 0
                        First Burst Length: 65536
                        Immediate Data: yes
                        Initial Ready To Transfer (R2T): yes
                        Max Burst Length: 262144
                        Max Outstanding R2T: 1
                        Max Receive Data Segment Length: 65536
                        Max Connections: 1
                        Header Digest: NONE
                        Data Digest: NONE