Managing SAN Devices and Multipathing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: December 2014

How to Disable Multipathing

Perform the following steps to disable multipathing on all multipath-capable devices on SPARC or x86 based systems. If you want to disable multipathing only on specific FC or SAS HBA ports, refer to Enabling or Disabling Multipathing on a Per-Port Basis.

  1. Disable device multipathing.
    # stmsboot -d
    WARNING: stmsboot operates on each supported multipath-capable controller
             	detected in a host. In your system, these controllers are
    	If you do NOT wish to operate on these controllers, please quit stmsboot
    	and re-invoke with -D { fp | mpt } to specify which controllers you wish
    	to modify your multipathing configuration for.
    	Do you wish to continue? [y/n] (default: y) y
    	Checking mpxio status for driver fp
    	Checking mpxio status for driver mpt
    	WARNING: This operation will require a reboot.
    	Do you want to continue ? [y/n] (default: y) y
    	The changes will come into effect after rebooting the system.
    	Reboot the system now ? [y/n] (default: y) y

    Note - During the reboot, /etc/vfstab and the dump configuration are updated to reflect the device name changes.
  2. (Optional)After the reboot, if necessary, configure your applications to use new device names as described by Device Name Change Considerations in Multipathing Considerations.