Siebel Training Guide

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Getting Started with Siebel Training

Siebel Training Installation and Configuration Overview

Administrator Setup Tasks

Setting Up Automatic Training Notification Messages

Verifying and Activating Training Workflow Processes

Configuring Workflow Policies for Training Email Notification

Configuring the Email Driver and Notification Templates for Training

Customizing the Training User Interface

Navigating to Training Administration Screens

Setting Up a Delegated Training Administrator

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Setting up Training Regions and Locations

Process of Defining Training Regions and Locations

Defining Regions and Region Hierarchies

Defining Training Locations

Defining Classroom Characteristics and Resources

Specifying Hotels Located Near a Training Location

Adding Links to a Training Location

Assigning a Class to a Training Location

Resolving Scheduling Conflicts at a Location

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Adding Materials to a Training Library

Process of Adding Materials to a Training Library

Adding Files to the Training Library

Modifying a Training Library File

Changing the URL in a Training Library Record

Downloading a Training Library File

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Setting Up Training Courses

Process of Setting Up Training Courses

Adding or Modifying a Training Course

Specifying Training Course Details

Specifying Training Course Topics

Specifying Training Course Objectives

Specifying Training Skills

Specifying Prerequisites and Related Courses

Specifying Training Course Materials

Specifying Course Launching Links

Creating a Training Catalog with Categorized Courses

Creating Training Bundles

Training for Customers and Partners

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Setting Up Class Schedules and Sessions

Process of Setting Up Class Schedules and Sessions

Scheduling Classes

Specifying Additional Class Details

Scheduling Class Sessions

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Importing an AICC or SCORM Course

About AICC and SCORM Standards

The AICC Specification and Siebel Training

The SCORM Specification and Siebel Training

Scenario for Importing an AICC or SCORM Course

Process of Importing an AICC or SCORM Course

Preparing for AICC and SCORM Course Import

API Adapter Cross-Server Security Issue

Lesson Content and Siebel Training on the Same Server

Lesson Content and Siebel Training on Different Servers

Importing an AICC Course into Siebel Training

Importing a Packaged SCORM Course into Siebel Training

Importing an Unpackaged SCORM Course into Siebel Training

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Setting Up a Training Curriculum

Process of Setting Up a Training Curriculum

Training Curriculum Elements

Adding a Training Curriculum

Specifying Training Curriculum Steps

Specifying Courses for the Training Curriculum Steps

Modifying Records, Canceling Changes, and Deleting Curriculum Paths

Viewing and Adding Training Curriculum Enrollments

Specifying Training Curriculum Materials

Releasing a Curriculum to Training Users

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Creating and Modifying Skills Tests

About Creating Skills Tests and Test Questions

Process of Creating Skill Tests and Questions

Creating Training Test Questions and Answers

Creating and Verifying Training Question Pools

Creating Headers and Footers for Training Test Elements

Adding a Skills Test for Training

Modifying a Skills Test Record

Specifying Skills Test Details

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Managing Enrollments, Test Results, and Reports

Process of Working with Enrollments, Cancellations, Test Results, and Reports

Adding and Viewing Course Enrollments

Viewing Enrollment Information for a Self-Paced Course

Viewing Enrollment Information for a Scheduled Class

Viewing All Course and Class Registration Information

Viewing All Curriculum Enrollments Information

Viewing Partner Enrollments

Registering Training Customers

Registering a Customer for a Self-Paced (CD-ROM or Web) Course

Enrolling Groups for Self-Paced and Scheduled Class Sessions

Enrolling Students (Delegated Administrator)

Canceling Training Enrollments

Manually Viewing and Scoring Skills Tests

Generating Training Reports

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Accessing the Training Site

Process of Accessing the Siebel Training Site

Logging in for Enterprise Application End Users

Siebel Training Web Site Login Methods

Browsing a Training Site Anonymously

Registering as a New User for Training

Logging in with an Established User ID and Password

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Finding and Viewing Training Information

About the Training Learning Center

Process of Finding Training on the Siebel Training Web Site

Finding Available Training

Finding Available Curriculum Paths

Finding Training Library Materials

Finding Training Materials for a Course or Curriculum

Using the Siebel Catalog

Assessing Skills and Development

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Course Registration, Withdrawal, and Completion

About Training Course or Class Registration

Process of Registration, Withdrawal, and Completing Courses

Registering for a Media-Based Course

Registering for a Scheduled Class

Submitting Third-Party Training Events for Manager Approval

Using the Siebel Catalog to Register for Training

Viewing My Training Enrollments Information

Launching a Web-Based Course

Enrolling in a Curriculum and Viewing Curriculum Progress

Withdrawing from a Course, Class, or Curriculum

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Taking Tests, Tracking Progress, and Viewing Transcripts

Process of Taking Tests, Tracking Progress, and Viewing Transcripts

Taking a Skills Test

Reviewing Skills Test Results

Checking the Transcript

Assessing Training Progress of Employees (Manager)

Viewing and Approving Third-Party Training

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Siebel Training Workflow Processes

Siebel Training Workflow Processes

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Lists of Values (LOVs) for Training

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AICC and SCORM File Structure

CRS (Course File)

AU (Assignable Unit File)

DES (Descriptor File)

CST (Course Structure File)

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Siebel Training Processes

Example Process Flow for Setting Up Training Courses

AICC or SCORM Course System Processes

AICC Course Launch Processes

SCORM Course Launch Process

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Siebel Training Guide