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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 3.2.x

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Updated: April 2018

View DCU Assignments and Manage Failover for DCU-SPP

Before You Begin

  • The Admin (a) role is required to change the roles of the active and standby DCU-SPM assignment.

  • For a description of DCU health states, see DCU Status States.

  • Changing the controlling SPM configuration might cause an interruption in communication between the DCU assigned Host and Oracle ILOM. If this occurs, any active KVMS sessions on the DCU-host will automatically be disconnected.

    Note -  Not all SPARC M series servers support SPM redundancy for DCU-SPP configurations.
  1. To view the general health of all DCU assignments or to view the controlling SPM on a DCU, perform one of the following.
    • Web: From the active SP web interface, click System Information > DCUs.

      In the DCU table, view DCU location, Host-DCU assignment, and health details. For servers that support SPM redundancy, view the SPM that is actively assigned to manage the DCU system activity.

      - OR -

    • CLI: From the active SP CLI, type: show /System/DCUs/DCU_n

      View these DCU properties: health = location = host_assigned =

      If supported, view the controlling SPM property for the assigned DCU: sp_name = /SYS/SPPn/SPMn

      For further details about the properties shown for the DCU target, type: help /System/DCUs/DCU_n

  2. To change the role of the controlling SPM for the DCU, perform one of the following:
    • Web: In the System Information > DCUs page, do the following:

      1. In the DCU table select a DCU assignment then from the Actions list, select either Graceful Failover (negotiates the DCU-SPM assignment) or Forceful Failover (forcibly changes the DCU-SPM assignment).

      2. Click Apply.

        If a prompt appears to confirm that you want to continue the failover operation. Click Yes to continue, otherwise click No.

      - OR -

    • CLI: Type: set /Systems/DCUs/DCU_n initiate_sp_failover = true|force

      Where true gracefully negotiates the DCU SPM assignment, where force forcibly changes the DCU-SPM assignment.

      If a prompt appears to confirm that you want to continue the failover operation. Type y to continue, otherwise type n.

DCU Status States

For a list of possible health status states for logical DCU-host configurations, see the following table.

Table 80  DCU Health Status Definitions
Health Status
The DCU assignment is in good working order.
Oracle ILOM is unable to show the DCU health status, assignments, or sub-component details.
Service Required
Oracle ILOM has detected a problem on a chassis component, and a service action is required to resolve the issue. See the Open Problems page and view the knowledge base URL for resolution.
Oracle ILOM has detected a minor problem with the DCU assignment. Despite the warning message, the DCU assignment is functioning properly. The informational message can safely be ignored.