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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 3.2.x

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Updated: April 2018

Special Considerations for Configuring Host Storage Device Properties

  • The Oracle ILOM Host Storage Device feature is available only on systems that support the Oracle ILOM Remote System Console Plus.

  • Only one storage image can be redirected at one time from any Oracle ILOM KVMS user interface. For instance, if you attempt to redirect a storage image file when another KVMS storage redirection is in progress, the subsequent storage redirection attempt will fail and an error message will appear.

  • The Host Storage Device Miniroot mode is available in Oracle ILOM as firmware release for SPARC M7, T7, and later series servers.

  • Prior to Oracle ILOM release 3.2.4, the Host Storage Device feature was known as the Remote Device feature (accessible from the web interface by clicking Remote Control -> Remote Device).

  • For SPARC server configurations with multiple hosts (domains), you must precede the SP CLI target shown in the Host Storage Device Properties table below with /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_n. Navigation in the web interface is as follows: Domain# > Remote Control > Host Storage Device.