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Oracle® ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 3.2.x

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Updated: April 2018

Redirecting an Image File From a Storage Device to the Host Server

Use Host Storage Device feature in Oracle ILOM to either: 1) mount a storage image from an NFS or SAMBA server and redirect it as an attached host storage device or, 2) configure the service processor (SP) to make the Oracle Solaris Miniroot package that is installed on the SP available to the host on the managed server.

Note -  The Host Storage Device Miniroot mode is available only on SPARC M7, T7, and later series servers.

An NFS or SAMBA redirection configuration is helpful when you want to boot your server from a single file that is currently stored on a remote NFS or SAMBA server. A Miniroot redirection configuration is useful for when you want to restore the Oracle Solaris Miniroot package from the Oracle ILOM SP.

For further details about configuring the host storage device properties in Oracle ILOM, see the following information: