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man pages section 4: Device and Network Interfaces

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

emlxs (4D)


emlxs - Emulex-Sun LightPulse Fibre Channel host bus adapter driver




The emlxs host bus adapter driver is a Sun Fibre Channel transport layer-compliant nexus driver for the Emulex LightPulse family of Fibre Channel adapters. These adapters support Fibre Channel SCSI and IP Protocols, FC-AL public loop profile, point-to-point fabric connection, and Fibre Channel service classes two and three.

The emlxs driver interfaces with the Sun Fibre Channel transport layer to support the standard functions provided by the SCSA interface. It supports auto request sense and tagged queueing by default. The driver requires that all devices have unique hard addresses in private loop configurations. Devices with conflicting hard addresses are not accessible.

The emlxs driver supports SR-IOV on SPARC platforms using the Sun Storage 16 GB Fibre Channel adapter or the Emulex LightPulse 32 GB Fibre Channel adapter. With SR-IOV enabled, physical and virtual functions of the adapter are supported. SR-IOV is not supported when an HBA is in point to point mode and directly connected to storage. SR-IOV virtual functions do not support NPIV.



64-bit ELF kernel module (x86).


64-bit ELF kernel module (SPARC).


Driver configuration file.


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

SPARC, x86

See Also

fcp(4D), fp(4D), driver.conf(5), prtconf(8)

Writing Device Drivers in Oracle Solaris 11.4

ANSI X3.230:1994, Fibre Channel Physical Signaling (FC-PH)

Project 1134-D, Fibre Channel Generic Services (FC-GS-2)

ANSI X3.269-1996, Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)

ANSI X3.270-1996, Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI (FCP-SCSI)

ANSI X3.270-1996, SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM)

Fibre Channel Private Loop SCSI Direct Attach (FC-PLDA)

Fabric Loop Attachment (FC-FLA)