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man pages section 4: Device and Network Interfaces

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

hermon (4D)


hermon - ConnectX MT25408/MT25418/MT25428/MT27508 and Virtual Function InfiniBand (IB) Driver


The hermon driver is an IB Architecture-compliant implementation of an HCA, which operates on the Mellanox MT25408, MT25418, MT25428, and MT27508 InfiniBand ASSPs using host memory for context storage rather than locally attached memory on the card. Cards based on these ASSP's utilize the PCI-Express I/O bus. These ASSP's support the link and physical layers of the InfiniBand specification while the ASSP and the driver support the transport layer.

The hermon driver also works with a Virtual Function of HCA when the SRIOV capability of the HCA is enabled. In this mode, the driver is not allowed to configure the device. It communicates with the corresponding Physical Function to service its configuration requests.

The hermon driver interfaces with the InfiniBand Transport Framework (IBTF) and provides an implementation of the Channel Interfaces that are defined by that framework. It also enables management applications and agents to access the IB fabric.



64–bit ELF kernel module. (x86)


64-bit ELF Kernel Module. (SPARC)


Driver configuration file.


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attribute:

PCIe-based systems

See Also

driver.conf(5), attributes(7)

Writing Device Drivers in Oracle Solaris 11.4


In addition to being logged, the following messages from parent driver mcxnex may appear on the system console:

mcxnexI: driver attached for maintenance mode only.

There was a failure in the boot process of the ASSP and the only function that can be performed is to re-flash firmware on the ASSP. (I represents the instance of the mcxnex device number.)

mcxnexI driver failed to attach

The ASSP could not boot into either operational (HCA) mode or into maintenance mode. The device is inoperable. (I represents the instance of the mcxnex device number.)

Unexpected port number in port state change event.

A port state change event occurred, but the port number in the message does not exist on this HCA. This message also indicates the port number that was in the port state changed.

mcxnex driver successfully detached.

The driver has been removed from the system and the HCA is no longer available for transfer operations.

mcxnexI: port M up.

A port up asynchronous event has occurred. (I represents the instance of the mcxnex device number while M represents the port number on the device.

mcxnexI: port M down.

A port down asynchronous event has occurred. Similar to port up event.

mcxnex: <command name> command failed.

A internal firmware command failed to execute.