Invoke Oracle E-Business Suite Java APIs from Oracle Integration

When you use the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as invoke connections, Java REST services including Java Bean Services and Application Module Services subtypes are available for outbound integrations from Oracle Integration. You can use a Java-based REST service to access Oracle E-Business Suite application data to add new entries or fetch existing records to meet your integration needs.


In addition to Oracle seeded Java APIs, you can use custom Java APIs or REST services for your integration needs.

For example, you can select "Self-Service HR" Java API in the Web Services page of the Configure Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Endpoint Wizard, and then select "Get Person Absence Type Balances" as the method in the Operations page of the wizard.

Description of java_operations.gif follows
Description of the illustration java_operations.gif

Note that the Operation field appears only if the selected interface is a Java API.

Java REST services support Create (default) and Read operations.

For information on how to use these two operations, see Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Operations Page.


By default, you cannot perform Read (using "GET" HTTP verb) operation on all Java methods when using the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter. Only if HTTP “GET” is enabled for a desired method first, you can deploy that method with GET option in Oracle E-Business Suite and then can use Read operation from the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter for an integration. Otherwise, you can use the Create operation for the same method if it is deployed as a REST operation in Oracle E-Business Suite. For information on deploying a Java API as a REST service with desired HTTP verbs, see:
  • “Deploying REST Web Services” section in Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Implementation Guide

  • “Annotations for Application Module Services” section and “Annotations for Java Bean Services” section in Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Developer's Guide

For more information on using Java APIs in an integration, refer to: