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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Facility Power Requirements

The server is designed to be powered by two utility power grids. Connect the three power cords from PDU A to one power grid, and connect the three power cords from PDU B to a second power grid. (When facing the rear of the server, PDU A is on the left and PDU B is on the right.) All six power cords must be connected when operating the server.

image:Figure showing the six PDU power cords attached to two facility AC                         power sources.

Note -  With this dual-power feed setup, every power cord connected to the server is used to supply power, and the power load is balanced. When power loads are greater than 5% of the power supply capacity, the power loads are balanced at ±10%.

Using 3-phase, sine-wave uninterruptible power supplies, you can create two separate power grids from one facility power source.

To prevent catastrophic failures, design your input power sources to ensure that adequate power is provided to the server. Use dedicated circuit breakers for all power circuits that supply power to the server.

Electrical work and installations must comply with applicable local, state, or national electrical codes. Contact your facilities manager or a qualified electrician to determine what type of power is supplied to your building.


Caution  -  To protect your server from electrical fluctuations and interruptions, use a dedicated power distribution system, uninterruptible power supplies, power conditioning equipment, and lightning arresters.

The three-phase AC power source must be a center-point grounded star configuration (type TN-C per IEC 60950). When using the 26 kVA PDU, the server is powered phase-to-phase, so the neutral line of the 5-wire power cord is not connected. When using the 33 kVA PDU, the server is powered phase-to-neutral, so the neutral line of the 5-wire power cord is connected inside the PDU.

image:Figure showing a three-phase, center-point grounded star AC power                         source diagram.

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