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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

(Optional) Attach a Grounding Cable

The PDUs achieve earth ground through their power cords. For additional grounding, optionally attach a chassis earth ground cable to the rack. The additional ground point enables electrical current leakage to dissipate more efficiently.


Caution  -  Do not install a ground cable until you confirm that there is proper facility AC receptacle grounding. The PDU power cords and the ground cable must reference a common earth ground.

Note -  A grounding cable is not shipped with the server.
  1. Ensure that the installation site has properly grounded the power source in the data center.

    An earth ground is required. See Grounding Requirements. Consult with your facilities manager or a qualified electrician for the specific instructions at your data center.

  2. Ensure that all grounding points, such as raised floors and power receptacles, reference the facilities ground.
  3. Ensure that direct, metal-to-metal contact is made for this installation.

    The ground cable attachment area might have a painted or coated surface that must be removed to ensure solid contact.

  4. Attach the ground cable to one of the attachment points on the rack frame.
    • On a Sun Rack II 1242 rack, locate the attachment points at the bottom rear of the rack frame.
      image:Figure shows the ground attachment point inside the Sun                                         Rack II.
    • On an Oracle Rack Cabinet 1242, locate the attachment point at the bottom rear of the rack, inside the V-shaped support.
      image:Figure shows the ground attachment point inside the                                         Oracle Rack Cabinet 1242 rack.

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