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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Confirm the Site Preparation

  1. Review the safety guidelines.

    See Oracle Safety Information for more information.

  2. Note problems or peculiarities at the site that require special equipment.

    For example, ensure that the doors are tall enough and wide enough for the server.

    See Rackmounted Server Shipping Container Specifications and Physical Dimensions (Rackmounted Servers) for more information.

  3. Install all necessary electrical equipment, and ensure that sufficient power is provided for the server.

    See Reviewing the Power Requirements.

  4. If you will be routing power cords or data cables down through the floor, prepare a floor opening for these cables.

    See Cable Routing Floor Opening Specifications (Sun Rack II) for the floor opening dimensions.

  5. Ensure that the installation site provides adequate air conditioning.

    See Preparing for Cooling for more information.

  6. Prepare the entire route from the loading dock to the installation site.

    See Access Route Requirements.

  7. Prepare a 3/16-inch (4.8-mm) thick A36 metal plate with beveled edges that is large enough to support the server when it rolls over gaps or holes in the floor.

    See Use a Metal Plate to Cross Gaps in the Floor for more information.

  8. If necessary, prepare a metal ramp to go up or down minor elevation changes.

    See Move Server Up or Down a Ramp for more information.

  9. Operate the air conditioning system for 48 hours to bring the room temperature to the appropriate level.
  10. Clean and vacuum the area thoroughly in preparation for installation.

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