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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Power On a Server PDomain for the First Time

After configuring the network addresses for the SP components, power on each PDomain for the first time at the Oracle ILOM prompt. This task requires two connections to the Active SP, one using a serial connection and another using a network connection.

Note -  Perform this task for each PDomain on your server. A SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 server can contain one or two static PDomains, and a SPARC M7-16 server can contain one to four PDomains.

Note -  Oracle Solaris Verified Boot is an antimalware and integrity feature that checks the cryptographic signatures of the firmware, boot system, kernel, and kernel modules. For information about enabling the verified boot feature, refer to Using Verified Boot in Securing Systems and Attached Devices in Oracle Solaris 11.3. The Securing Systems and Attached Devices in Oracle Solaris manual is included with the Oracle Solaris documentation (http://www.oracle.com/goto/solaris11/docs).
  1. Confirm that you are logged in to the Active SP through a serial connection.

    See Log In to the Active SP.

  2. Log in to the Active SP as a root user through a network connection.
    $ ssh root@Active-SP-IP-address

    Replace Active-SP-IP-address with the Active SP IP address you set in Setting Oracle ILOM Network Addresses. When prompted, type the default changeme root password to log in.

    Refer to the Oracle ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance, configuring local user accounts, for more information.

  3. Using the network connection, connect to the PDomain console to view the messages.
    -> start /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_x/HOST/console
    Are you sure you want to start /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_x/HOST/console (y/n) y

    Replace x with the PDomain number. For example, use PDomain_0 for PDomain 0.

  4. Using the serial connection, power on the PDomain.
    -> start /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_x/HOST
    Are you sure you want to start /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_x/HOST (y/n) y

    Replace x with the PDomain number.

    The PDomain initialization can take time to complete.

  5. (Optional) To display the status of the initialization, type the following command.
    -> show /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_x/HOST status

    Replace x with the PDomain number.

    You can type this command at regular intervals (for example, every 10 minutes) to check the status of the initialization.

  6. Wait until the console displays the OpenBoot ok prompt after the PDomain has completed the POST diagnostics.

    Once the POST diagnostics have completed, the console displays the OpenBoot banner and a OpenBoot boot-device variable message. You must set this variable before continuing with the installation. The following example is from a SPARC M7-8 server.

    SPARC M7-8, No Keyboard Copyright (c) 1998, 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All
    rights reserved. OpenBoot 4.37.3.a, 1.8632 TB memory available, Serial #109999304.
    Ethernet address 0:10:e0:99:99:64, Host ID: 8699998. 
    Evaluating: No viable default device found in boot-device variable. 
  7. Determine if your PDomain contains a factory-installed Oracle Flash Accelerator PCIe card:

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