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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Set the Server Altitude

You must set the server altitude so that the server can adjust its fan speeds and monitor the surrounding environmental conditions required for its elevation.

Set the server altitude using the SP system_altitude property.

Setting the system_altitude property causes the server to adjust the temperature thresholds so it can more accurately detect any abnormality in the air intake temperature. However, even if you do not set the system altitude, the server still detects and responds to any abnormality in the air temperature, such as the temperature of the processors.

  1. Confirm that you are logged in to the Active SP.

    See Log In to the Active SP.

  2. If you see the OpenBoot (ok) prompt, type the #. key sequence to display the Oracle ILOM (->) prompt.
    ok #.
  3. Type the following command to set the server's altitude.
    -> set /SP system_altitude=altitude

    Replace altitude with the altitude of the data center in meters. The possible values are 0 to 3000 meters. The default value is 200m.

  4. Continue the installation by powering on the server.

    See Power On a Server PDomain for the First Time.

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