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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

(Optional) PDU Cables and Network Addresses

Rackmounted SPARC M7 series servers are factory-installed in Oracle racks. The Oracle rack contains two PDUs that distribute power to the installed equipment. Each PDU contains a metering unit that enables you to monitor voltage, power, apparent power, energy, and the current being used by the connected equipment.

Before you can monitor a PDU remotely, you must first connect the PDU metering unit to the network. You can then monitor the PDU and connected equipment using a web interface.

Note -  Connecting the PDU metering units to the network is optional. You do not need to connect cables to the PDUs during the installation. You can monitor the PDUs and the connected equipment using the metering unit's LCD screen.

Each PDU metering unit contains two ports:

  • SER MGT port – Connect a Category 5 or better serial cable from this port to a terminal device. Use this serial connection to configure the metering unit's NET MGT port.

  • NET MGT port – Connect a Category 6 or better cable to this 10/100 Mbps port. After the initial server configuration, use this Ethernet connection to monitor the PDU and connected equipment through the PDU web interface.

See (Optional) Connect PDU Management Cables for an illustration of these PDU metering unit ports.

The PDU metering unit NET MGT ports support DHCP, so you are not required to set static IP addresses. However, if you prefer to configure the NET MGT ports with static IP addresses, you must provide the following network information for each port:

  • Host name (optional)

  • IP address

  • Network domain

  • Netmask

  • IP address of the network gateway

  • IP address of the network name server

For complete instructions on configuring the PDU metering units and monitoring the PDUs and connected equipment using a web interface, refer to the sections about enhanced PDUs in the Sun Rack II Power Distribution Unit User's Guide at http://www.oracle.com/goto/sunrackii/docs.

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