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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Rackmounted and Stand-Alone Servers

Rackmounted servers have been installed in an Oracle rack at the factory. These servers include power distribution units (PDUs) and hardware specifically designed for the servers. You must unpack, move, secure, cable, and power on these servers at your installation site.

Note -  The SPARC M7-16 server will always ship from the factory installed in a rack. The SPARC M7-16 server must remain in the Oracle rack it shipped in. Installing a SPARC M7-16 server in a non-Oracle rack is not supported.

While you can order a rackmounted SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 server, you can also order the servers stand-alone. A stand-alone server does not ship in an Oracle rack, so you must install the server in a customer-supplied rack. You must also provide your own PDUs to supply power to the server and use your rack's cable management devices to secure the server power cords and data cables. Refer to your PDU and rack documentation for more information.

Note -  A rackmounted SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 server ships with one factory-installed server in a 1200mm Oracle rack containing two PDUs. A 1200mm Oracle rack can contain up three SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 servers, so you can install up to two more servers into the same rack (all three servers can be powered by the rack's two PDUs). These additional servers ship stand-alone and you must install them into the rack at the installation site. For instructions, see Installing a Stand-Alone Server in a Rack.

This document provides installation instructions for both rackmounted and stand-alone servers.

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